Treat your dog to a fun outing on nature trails.

It’s a joyful break in the day of your companion, where he or she gets the opportunity to explore new territories and meet furry friends to play and run with.

This is fantastic Happy Woof / Happy Neigh time in safe and healthy surroundings.

Lots of T.L.C. and delicious organic treats are included.

Happy Hiking™

What about a joyful jaunt at one of our local parks? Socialize the young pup and lift the spirit of your older pal. One to two hours with your pet.

$50 per adventure.


Our discount for our flexible woofstumers.

This is the Happy Hiking experience for dogs who are ready to join Whisky and the woof pack (3 to 6 friendly dogs) at any time on week days, between 11AM and 7PM.

$30 per woof meeting. 


Happy Woof LLC owner, Francine Deneffe has over thirty years of riding experience with horses of all kinds in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

We believe that horses need very frequent and enjoyable contact with horses, people and other animals in order to be at their best.

Horses love being in the natural environment, but being flight animals, they need that reassurance that only an experienced trail rider can give them. We love to take the necessary time with these noble animals to bring out the best in them and us.

Next Steps…

Please reach out to us to include your dog(s) in the Georgetown woof pack, or your horse for trail exercise.